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Peace, Cultural Exchange, and Hidden Christianity

Nagasaki is a unique place in Japan where people of different nationalities, languages, cultures and religions have been coexisting for more than 400 years, occasionally with some experiences of conflicts. Based on this historically rich background, the SGHSS offers an interdisciplinary summer program for students to obtain knowledge and skills to cope with the challenges of the increasingly diverse but globalized modern world.
The Summer Program for International Students, to be held from July 3rd to 21st, 2023, is a study program in Nagasaki itself, with its theme “Learning in/of Nagasaki.” The program consists of lectures, field trips, and group work on three sub-themes: (1) peace and nuclear abolition; (2) history of cultural exchange with mainland Asia; and (3) hidden Christianity.



In total, 2 programs are run by the SGHSS. This program is worth 4 Japanese university credits.

  • Fundamental of Nagasaki Study I (Peace and Cultural Exchange)(2 credits)
    • Day 1 (July 3)
      • Introduction: Geographical Background
    • Day 2 (July 4)
      • Lecture 1: Historical Background
      • Lecture 2: Historical Background
    • Day 3 (July 5)
      • Excursion in Urakami *
    • Day 4 (July 6)
      • Group work
      • Presentation and discussion
    • Day 5 (July 7)
      • Lecture 3: History of cultural exchange (1): Ceramic industry
      • Lecture 4: History of cultural exchange (2): Nagasaki Chinese
    • Day 6 (July 10)
      • Excursion: Chinese culture 
    • Day 7 (July 11)
      • Group work
      • Presentatin and Discussion


  • Fundamental of Nagasaki Study II (Hidden Christianity)(2 credits)
    • Day 10 (July 12)
      • Lectures: Historical Background
    • Day 11 (July 13)
      • Lecture: Historical Background
      • Field Excursion Guide
      • Group work: Preparatory study for the excursion
    • Day 12 (July 14)
      • Excursion (Sotome area) 
    • Day 13 (July 18)
      • Group work
    • Day 14 (July 19)
      • Excursion (Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum)**
    • Day 15 (July 20) 
      • Group work
    • Day 16 (July 21)
      • Presentation and Discussion



We plan to visit many study sites covering three themes.
  • Excursion in Urakami
    • After learning about the Pacific War, air raids, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, postwar reconstruction, and steps toward a city of peace in Lecture No. 2, the tour will visit the hypocenter park, the Atomic Bomb Museum, Sanno-Shrine, Sakamoto Campus of NU, Urakami Church (Tenshudo), and Peace Park. 


  • Excursion: Chinese culture
    • After watching the video materials (Youtube) in Lecture No. 4, a lecture will be given in preparation for the field trip. The tour will visit Kofukuji Temple, Sofukuji Temple, Chinatown, and the former Chinese settlement.


  • Excursion (Sotome)
    • In Lecture No. 3, participants will learn about the Hidden Christians of Nagasaki, and in Lecture No. 4 tour guidance will be given on related sites to visit. After that, the participants will review the historical background through group work, and prepare for what they will observe and what interviews they will conduct on their excursion. The tour will visit Karematsu shrine, the Shusaku Endo Memorial Museum, Shitsu Church, and its surrounding facilities, Shitsu Catholic Cemetery, and Ohno Church. If possible, a guide will be present.
  • Excursion (Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum)
    • We will visit the Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum. If possible, a guide will be on hand to provide assistance.